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Investing in the future by filling hungry tummies.

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Children Feeding Programme

DysART Boutique Hotel in Cape Town is actively addressing the dire need for feeding schemes within the less fortunate communities of the Western Cape. This innovative project is aimed at giving back to the community by providing much needed supplementary meals to children from the local impoverished townships.

The initiative is in line with the DysART philosophy of holistic care and upliftment as well as support for those South Africans who desperately need a helping hand. The programme was launched in January 2015 and is spearheaded by DysART co-owner Frank Braeutigam and community member Zinny Sage.

A city and a country are built on the strength and vitality of its people and the communities in which they thrive. Sadly, for many of these community members in the less fortunate suburbs of the greater Cape Town area – it is becoming increasingly challenging to make ends meet.

One of the unfortunate results of this situation is that many children lack adequate access to regular nutritious meals as well as a dedicated place for shelter and care while their parents are at work. They may require a meal before or after school and, similarly, a safe haven where they can be properly supervised and nurtured.

Feeding the kids of Mitchells Plain

“The DysART Uschi Food for Children Feeding Programme was born out of the realization that local children were always stopping at Zinny’s home in Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain, asking for something to eat. So I decided to sponsor 350 meals every week to the kids in the community,” explains Frank. “This type of project is extremely valuable so that the kids can come to a place where they are taken care of and feel safe,” he comments.

“This is a passion of mine and I’ve always wanted to do it. Now I’ve got DysART to stand behind me,” says an elated Zinny. Every week they feed between 300 and 350 children – this costs R1400 or 100 Euros. “These kids come from homes where there are drug problems or alcohol problems and they do suffer. I’ve seen the need of the people because I myself live in the area,” explains Zinny. Many of them survive on a monthly salary of just R320 (24 Euros) and, sadly, the kids bear the brunt of this neglect. However, with the feeding scheme in place a mere 100 Euros is sufficient to feed 350 children every week!

Many of these children would arrive at school having not eaten breakfast – this has a direct negative impact on their ability to concentrate in class and perform at optimum levels. By supplementing their meals through this type of feeding programme, Frank, Zinny and all those involved are providing the children with the opportunity to learn, engage and thrive in an increasingly challenging environment.

“When I see even one of the kids out of ten receive a solid education and a good start in life through this programme then I have achieved our goals,” says Frank. Future plans include renting premises where they can extend the feeding and shelter programme. “The long term aim is to establish a dedicated shelter facility where we can accommodate around 10 children during the day – these kids will be from vulnerable situations; for instance they may have parents with addiction issues – thus the need for food and shelter during the day,” explains Frank.

Food For Children is a registered NPO now

The DysART Uschi Food for Children Feeding Programme recently attained their Certificate of Registration as a South African Non-Profit Organisation. Guests of DysART Boutique Hotel, their supporters, clients and any other interested parties, organizations, individuals or businesses are welcome to contact the organizers for more information on how to contribute to this extraordinary and vitally important community initiative (see banking details for donations below).

This is just one of the many charitable causes throughout the Western Cape and the rest of the country aimed at uplifting, nurturing, protecting and inspiring our youth – as they truly are the future of South Africa and the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Details

Certificate of Registration of Non-Profit Organisation South Africa

Registration number: 168-323 NPO

Banking details for financial contributions:

Standard Bank
Account number: 370314425
Branch code: 024109
Swift code: SBZAZAJJ
Reference: Uschi Food for Children

For more information contact Frank Braeutigam at:

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